Welcome to Yangshan Ming’s stele

Yangshan Stele Attraction is a national 4A tourist attraction and national key cultural relic protection unit, which, as an indispensable part of Nanjing cultural heritage from Ming Dynasty, has been listed into the Guinness World Records- the largest monument stone blocks in the world. Yangshan Stele Attraction is made up of three parts- the Ming cultural village displaying the construction site of monument stone blocks, high-rise Yangshan Strange Stone Forest and the world’s largest Yangshan stele.
Yangshan Stele narrates that in 1405 when Emperor Yongle Zhu Di rose up to capture the throne of his nephew and in order to win people’s support and stabilize the political situation, he decided to set up a giant stone tablet to praise the great achievements of Zhu Yuanzhang. As a result, he gathered more than one thousand craftsmen across the nation and spent more than 300 days excavating three pieces of monument stone blocks on Yangshan. While the monument is composed of the stele head, stele body and stele base, it seems that the stone blocks were cut off along the mountain with a huge axe from the view of the construction supervision path. According to the excavation situation of the monument’s Stele body, its stele head is 6 meters high, 11.74 meters wide, 4.6 meters thick and weighs 862 tons, its Stele body is 25 meters high, 9.84 meters wide, 4 meters thick and weighs 2,617 tons, and the stele base 8.59 meters high, 11.64 meters wide, 23.3 meters long and 6,198 tons in weight, with the total height of the three pieces of stone blocks about 40 meters and weight up to 9,677 tons.
The Ming cultural village is a man-made scenic spot with dense cultural atmosphere of Ming Dynasty, which scrolls out a part of traditional folk picture of Ming Dynasty. Large-scale folk performances are put on in the attraction, making tourists linger about.

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