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    The Largest Stele in the World

    Yangshan Stele narrates that in AD1405 when Emperor Yongle Zhu Di rose up to capture the throne of his nephew and in order to win people’s support and stabilize the political situation, he decided to set up a giant stone tablet to praise the great achievements of Zhu Yuanzhang. As a result, he gathered more than one thousand craftsmen across the nation and spent more than 300 days excavating three pieces of monument stone blocks on Yangshan. While the monument is composed of the stele head, stele body and stele base, it seems that the stone blocks were cut off along the mountain with a huge axe from the view of the construction supervision path. According to the excavation situation of the monument’s Stele body, its stele head is 6.5 meters high, 18 meters wide, 10 meters thick, its Stele body is 52.5 meters high, 13 meters wide, 4.1 meters thick, and the stele base 16 meters high, 12.2 meters wide, 30 meters thick, with the total height of the three pieces of stone blocks about 75 meters and weight up to 26132 tons.

    Ask Yangshan Stele


    Ask the stele,How many workers died when the project start to end? Maybe the tomb village reveal the secret.Why is this stele abandoned? Poems by Yuan Mei, a poet in the Qing Dynast:"Immortal Zhou Dian laughed. Tianwei is so poor",show some clues,Perhaps the capital has moved northwards, and there is no time for it? Or the stele is too large to be transported? They said:"This monument has been empty for hundreds of years",Leave us future generations unlimited reverie.
    Yangshan has no words on the stele. How many souls live in the grave? Who knows the cruelty of history

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    Nanking Escort Agency
    An escort agency, also known as guards, is an institution which specially provided property or personal safety protection with Kungfu for a fee.
    Because of inconvenient transportation and tough and unsafe travels in old times, the safeguard industry rose in response to the proper time and conditions and escort agencies were thereby established. As the social life was becoming more and more complex, escort agencies undertook wider working range, which protected not only the transportation of general private properties, but also payments from local officials.
    Besides surviving relying on the existence of robbers, escort agencies also had close relations with people of the world. Some people of the world who were under supervision of the government should not be caught if they lived in an escort agency after entering into the city. That’s because on the one hand, escort agencies were in large-scale, and on the other hand, they generally had powerful background. Escort was a very special industry.
    In general Kungfu novels, escort agencies were usually classified into the field of martial arts. Actually, escort agencies had contacts with both people of the world and official governments, with its nature determined by its interests. They usually fell in a dilemma between governments and the public.


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